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We need support to promote packaging in the less developed world.

Packaging is used to protect food and extend food distribution. Dr. Kenneth Marsh has promoted packaging to reduce post-harvest food losses since 1992 and now directs the Global Food Security program to promote cooperation and exchange of post-harvest technologies with the help of an international network of food and packaging professionals. Since the food has already been produced as have technologies to save food, the potential food savings are substantial (in the million ton range), cost-effective, and can be implemented more rapidly than waiting for the next harvest. Saved food will be used to reduce hunger and as inputs for cottage industries, usually run by women, to make value-added food products that extend food life and promote economic development.

WISSH seeks financial support for the Global Food Security program. The ultimate goal is to obtain a critical level - minimum of five cooperating countries - to realize real international technology exchange.

WISSH welcomes donations at all levels. We are a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization and donations are tax deductible.

Funding will be used as follows:
    -$100s enable Internet based research on post-harvest programs around the globe
    -$1000s enable participation in international forums to promote packaging in primarily
    food and agriculture forums
    -$10,000s enable country studies and implementation of known technologies
    -$100,000 enable for multi-country cooperation/ technology exchange and pilot programs

If you have any questions or seek more information, please contact Dr. Marsh at 1-864-888-0011 or email at ken@drkenmarsh.com.

You are invited to continue to Reducing World Hunger/Global Food Security to learn more, or to visit Drkenmarsh.com to review Dr. Marsh's qualifications.

Thank you for your consideration.

1) Reducing World Hunger/Global Food Security
     - Securing a safe, adequate and appropriate food supply

created 2/25/12